The Best Selection Of Comfy Flats And Cute Heels For Women


Women are beginning to realize that wearing really uncomfortable heels all day just does not fit into their lifestyle. When selecting heels, many ladies are turning towards lower and thicker heels for stability and balance. Of course, nobody wants to wear shoes that look like something a frumpy grandma might wear.

Of course, there are also some really stylish flats on the market that are nice enough to wear out or to a professional job, and yet they feel almost as comfortable as a favorite pair of gym shoes. If you need comfortable flats and cute heels, consider some of these top brands on the market.

Cute And Comfy Flats And Heels For Women’s Shoes

Sam Edelman Ballet Flats

These are really cute shoes, and they can get matched with jeans, a nice skirt, or even fairly formal clothes. They are considered ballet flats, but the actually do have the smallest suggestion of a small and wide heel. This gives a woman just a bit of a lift, but it doesn’t make them uncomfortable.

A pair of these comfortable shoes is about $100, and they have a very sophisticated and stylish appearance that you can wear almost anywhere and with almost anything.

Geox Ballet Flats

These flats also have a very stylish appearance, but they also have breathable uppers. Plus, they give you the advantage of being waterproof. These are great if you need to wear your shoes inside and outside, and you need comfortable and sensible shoes to wear with casual or dressy clothes.

These high-fashion flats are a bit pricier, at about $140, but they should provide you with miles and miles of style and comfort during your day if you are at work in a professional office, touring the country, or dining out in a fancy restaurant.

Nine West: Boutique 9

These are flats, but they have the appearance of dressy pumps. The only thing that you are missing are the very uncomfortable heels. These shoes come in a vast array of styles and colors. Add to that the fact that these shoes are more affordable, at about $60, and you might be able to afford to buy a couple of different pairs to match up with different outfits. If you wear Boutique 9 shoes, nobody will accuse you of wearing frumpy shoes!

Comfortable Heels

Nobody can deny the power of a nice pair of heels. They make legs appear longer and leaner, and they also can add a bit of height. Some women just don’t feel really dressed up unless they wear heels. We set out to find shoes that offered both heels and comfort, and these two things can go together.


If Prada is within your shoe budget, you really can have it all. These stylish shoes offer all of the elegance and bragging rights you can hope for, and they actually are pretty easy to walk around in. The main drawback, of course, is that a pair of Prada heels may set you back over $500, so these are not your every-day pair of shoes unless you are very “well heeled!”

Giani Bernini Sweets

These are affordable, comfortable, and stylish pumps that you can find at a store like Macy’s for less than $60. They offer quite a tall heel, but it is fairly thick for balance. The way the heel is designed, it looks graceful and not blocky, so you should be proud to wear shoes like this with a business outfit or even an evening dress.

They come in black, red, pewter, and faux-croc to give you choices, and you may be able to find similar styles in other colors and textures. They also come in sizes from 5 to 11, so almost every woman should be able to buy a pair that fits perfectly.

The footbed is made of memory foam for cushioning, and the outer soles are rubber, so they are very slip resistant.

Finding Comfort And Style

There are important things to consider when choosing your own comfortable and stylish shoes. Of course, many shoppers are aware of their budgets, but it is possible to find good choices for about $60. Having a larger budget gives you many more choices, but $60 is a good starting point.

Besides that, look at the soles to make sure they resist slipping. Wider heels give women more stability, and they are likely to feel more comfortable. Besides the soles and the heels, having cushioning and support is likely to reduce or prevent fatigue, aches, and even serious feet problems.

For all-day comfort, you might choose to give up on heels, and you are welcome to pick your own style. However, it is still possible to find comfortable heels in almost all price ranges.

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